Meet  Every  Challenge,  Make  No  Excuses
DATE               WEEK               OPPONENT                                    RESULT          Aug 27th    Week #1    Trinity Prep 7pm Away                    WIN/FF 41-0

Sept. 3rd    Week #2    Berean Christian 7pm HOME     Postponed

Sept. 10th  Week #3  SW FL Christian  Away 6pm   WIN/ FF 41-28

Sept. 17th  Week #4    Oak Hall 7pm Home CANCELED WEATHER

Sept. 27th  Week #5  Out Of Door  HOME  7pm                WIN 36-0

Oct. 1st      Week #6    Bell Creek 7pm Away               WIN 43-6

Oct. 8th      Week #7    Master's Academy   7pm Away  LOSS 15-33

Oct. 15th    Week  #8    Orangewood Christian 7pm Away LOSS 45-6

Oct. 22nd   Week  #9    Eagle’s View 7pm HOME          WIN 21-14 

                                     HOMECOMING GAME

Oct. 28th    Week #10    Cornerstone Charter             WIN 50-8

Nov. 5th     Week #11   Hollis Christian Academy       WIN 24-14         


DATE               WEEK               OPPONENT                                    RESULT          
Sept. 1          Week 1           City of life                AWAY          Win 38-24
Sept. 16        Week 2       World of Knowledge   HOME       Loss 13-6          
Sept. 23        Week 3        All Saints                    AWAY       Win 26-22 
Sept. 29        Week 4        City of Life                  Away       Loss 24-28

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Faith Christian Academy- A great Private School experience- Meet every Challenge, make no Excuses